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Performance and Emission Analysis Experimentally On Diesel Engine by Using Biodiesel Fuels

Author : B. Harshavardhan 1 Viyat Mehta 2 Jivesh Pahwa 3 Aditya Sharma 4

Date of Publication :16th October 2017

Abstract: In today’s world one of the major concerns is the limited amount of fuels available with mankind. The decreasing amount of fuels has resulted in a major increase in price also they give higher air pollution. Diesel is one of the most used fuels across the world due to its higher efficiency. This report presents an attempt of using the blends of Bio Diesel to reduce a cost and emissions of a diesel engine without compromising on higher efficiency as diesel fuel. The source of the fuel generated is Mahua Oil which is non-edible oil. We have used double trans esterification process to produce biodiesel. Steps used in the production of Biodiesel were concentrated on optimizing the amount of biodiesel produced. The biodiesel blends with different quantity were tested on an experimental diesel engine setup. The major concern here was to run a production engine without any modification safely. The type of emissions produced in the blended sample and diesel sample are compared and performance also compared. Emissions were measured with gas analyser as well as smoke meter. From this it has been found that HC, NOx and CO emissions are reduced in B5 and B10 fuel compared with pure diesel without much compromising on performance.

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