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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Finite Element Analysis and Cost Effective Design for Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) of Soil Compactor

Author : Vishnu P 1 Manjunath A R 2 H S Kumaraswamy 3

Date of Publication :8th June 2017

Abstract: Roll over protection structures (ROPS) are intended to protect operators of heavy equipment and are important elements found on different types of machines used in OEMs. Their use is intended to reduce the possibility of operators (who are wearing seat belt) from being crushed if the machine they are operating rolls over. Design of ROPS should cater to force and energy absorption under lateral, longitudinal and vertical loading conditions. The lateral force requirements and the limitations on deflection are intended to assure that ROPS will penetrate the soil and provide a braking action to the roll. Loading requirement of ROPS is also intended to assure that the deflection encountered by the cabin does not enter the deflection limiting volume (DLV) which is defined as orthogonal approximation of a large operator in a normal seated position. The forces applied in the analysis were calculated as per ISO 3471-2008 ROPS and deflection limiting volume was defined as per SAE J397. The new cost effective design calls for repetition of this process again. This paper presents optimization of ROPS using Finite element analysis by considering energy and load conditions of existing structure and to compare the test results with ISO 3471:2008 ROPS.

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