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Liquefaction Remedial Measures

Author : Jastaran Singh Grewal 1 Jagatjeet Singh Bawa 2

Date of Publication :31st October 2017

Abstract: Response of sandy soil to vibrate force emerges our as a mainstream issue that depends upon a number of factors. Earth failure under foundation, due to the liquefaction phenomenon, has been responsible for great loss of life and property in last few decades, all over the world. To tackle this issue geotechnical engineers are doing their best to find out the conditions or environment that favors this liquefaction phenomena. So, to minimize this loss a thorough study and discussions needed to be carried out by geotechnical societies. As frequency of earthquakes are on rise it’s becomes more compulsory to understand this phenomenon. This paper reviews the liquefaction phenomenon and its remedial ways to tackle things, which cause liquefaction. This research is carried out by analyzing several published papers and books..

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