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Fabrication and Investigation on Hardness Behavior of Aluminium Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite (AL8010 Reinforced with Tic and Nanoclay particles)

Author : Dinesh.M 1 Niranjan.G 2 Dr. H.S Manohar 3

Date of Publication :30th September 2017

Abstract: Composites involve two or more component materials that are generally combined in an attempt to improve material properties such as stiffness, strength, toughness. Composed of a discrete reinforcement and distributed in a continuous phase of matrix, composites are the most successful materials used for recent works in the industry. There has been an increasing interest in composites containing low density and low cost reinforcement. The proposed work was to fabricate and investigate the hardness behavior of Al8010/TiC-Nanoclay composites, The composites were prepared using stir casting method (Liquid Metallurgy route) in which amount of reinforcement such as Hybrid Nano Composites of Nanoclay (MontmorilloniteK10) is varied from 1.5-7.5 wt% in steps of 2 wt%,and Titanium Carbide (TiC) is kept constant for an optimized value of 2 wt%.The prepared hybrid composites of Al8010/TiC-Nanoclay were subjected to evaluate the hardness studies as per the ASTM standard, Nanostructure materials such as nanocomposites provide opportunities to explore new fracture behavior and functionality beyond those found in conventional materials. The presence of small amounts of nanoparticles in metal matrix can improve the hardness of composites. Most of the previous studies carried out on processing of aluminium–TiC composites and aluminium-nanoclay composites evolving their characters .Present investigation has been focused on TiC, also adding Nanoclay for their superior properties to construct the different wt,% of Metal Matrix composite (MMCs), the combination of Aluminium, nanoclay and TiC by using Liquid metallurgical technique to investigate the hardness of the composite..

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