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Production Improvement by Reducing Down Time Using Root Cause Analysis

Author : P.Mahidhar 1 P.C.Prakash 2

Date of Publication :30th September 2017

Abstract: Now a days manufacturing industries are facing a greater competition in the market. Because of this, they try to improve and increase both quality and productivity continuously. One way to increase the productivity is to increase the availability of existing machines. The manufacturing companies are facing the problem of loss of productivity due to break downs in assembly lines. Reduction in idle time is direct way to increase the productivity and profit. The main objective of the project is to increase the availability of a machine and to reduce the down time of a machine, to maximize production capacity and to improve new preventive maintenance schedule. The reason for the break down has been analyzed and inspected by the method of Fish bone diagram and why-why analysis, this in turn helped to develop and improve a new preventive maintenance checklist for the machine. This project work is aiming at reducing idle time that is breakdown by increasing availability and maintenance. This has been achieved by optimal utilization of time maintenance, inspection frequency by considering manufacturer recommendation and previous experience. By all these procedures the availability of the machine will increase to a certain extent and also increases the production capacity, minimizes the maintenance cost and reduces the downtime.

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