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Variation Reduction in Plate Weight By Using Variable Search Method in Batterries

Author : K.Haribabu 1 T.Zaheer ahned 2

Date of Publication :30th September 2017

Abstract: Highly diverse customer demand has changed the way of doing business. Modern business model are working with new economy. This project work gives an account of variation reduction in Plate Weight by using Variable Search method. Based on previous months analysis of data, it was found that major rejections are due to the variations of grids produced in the strip pasting .The root causes are to be found out by using the variable search method and the results are to be validated .With the results of this approach, modifications are to be carried out .The ultimate aim of this project is to reduce the rejections drastically from 35% to 7% ,and thereby improving the overall productivity of the plant. In the present case study, Variable search technique has been applied to Plate Weight rejection.

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