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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Reduction of Rejection in 26AH model battery by Using Variable Search DOE Methodology

Author : K. Madhu sudana 1 D.Kanakaraja 2 Venkatamuni .K 3

Date of Publication :30th September 2017

Abstract: One of the company who is pioneer in VRLA battery in Asian Pacific Rim has foray into automotive batteries with its new brand addressing automobile segment launched across country by opening many franchises & pit stops covering all metros, major cities and urban towns. Batteries are one of the major components manufactured in the industry. Battery is also called SLI (Starting-lighting-ignition). In order to satisfy the customer needs the battery should be made defect free at the industry itself. This cell short will lead to a large problem, if not rejected in the industry itself. This project is on the account of Reduction of rejections in the Formation process of battery that are useful for the customers which is vital battery functioning results in Providing the Maximum Output without any obstruction of power to the customers. Historical data collection found that Cell Shorts Mode of rejections is more in the 26 AH battery model by Brain Storming and DOE Approach Identified the Root cause for the rejections and solved the issue so that this analysis is also used to reduce the rejections in the other similar models and this leads to more customer satisfaction and cost reduction to the company with the results of the six sigma Methodology, Analyzed the Problem generating stage in Pasting section and Parameters affecting to create a problem with Six Sigma tools application and implemented the solution. These results in reduction of Cell shorts in battery and by this project Cost saving and Customer satisfaction is improved

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