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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Comparative Study of the Machinability Characteristics of Nimonic C-263 Super Alloy

Author : E. Sivakumari 1 S. Nishanthi 2

Date of Publication :30th September 2017

Abstract: Nickel base super alloy has the combined property of “high mechanical strength” and “High heat and corrosion resistance” at elevated temperature. This is the reason for which Nickel based super alloy are extremely used in Aircraft, Aerospace, Submarine and chemical industries. Machining of Nimonic C-263 has always been a challenging task owing to its hot strength, low thermal conductivity, tendency to work harden and affinity towards tool materials. Although coated tools have been used to overcome some of these challenges, selection of coated tool with appropriate deposition technique is of immense significance. The current study attempts to comparatively evaluate various performance parameters in machining of Nimonic C- 263 such as surface roughness, cutting force, tool temperature and tool wear. The tool materials used for this study are cubic boron nitride(CBN), ceramic and PVD coated TiAlN. To determine the effects of parameters selection on machining using Design of Experiments (DOE), Taguchi. L9 / L27 orthogonal array design of experiments was adopted to optimize the parameters. By using Taguchi and Grey Relational Analysis / Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) etc., an optimum value or the best value of surface roughness, cutting force, tool temperature and tool wear is obtained.

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