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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Impact of shot peening process on the Fatigue life of a Dissimilar Metal Welded Joint

Author : Harish.A 1 2

Date of Publication :12th May 2017

Abstract: A dissimilar welded joint finds its prominence in high temperature applications and has better corrosion resistance. Whereas the welding process induces residual tensile stresses that are detrimental to fatigue life. Tensile stresses act to stretch or pull apart the surface of the material. With enough load cycles at a high enough tensile stress, a crack is initiated. Significant improvement in fatigue life can be obtained by modifying the residual stress level in the material. The intent of this project is to measure fatigue life and surface hardness of butt welded joint with dissimilar materials. The surface modification method employed is shot peening method which is simple, yet effective to improve the fatigue life of the joint. In this study an investigation is carried out into the effect of shot peening upon improvement in the fatigue strength and hardness of the welded joint.

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