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Solutions for Major Challenges of Industrial Water Pricing in Mandalay

Author : Thwe Thwe Than 1 Aye Aye Thant 2

Date of Publication :15th November 2017

Abstract: For sustainable water management, the role of water pricing is widely recognized in many areas of the world because of the increasing scarcity of water resources and high competition between water users and environmental degradation. The situational analysis of existing water infrastructure in Mandalay was conducted and, major aspects for challenges to industrial water pricing are found out. The questionnaire survey was also performed based on “Statistics Canada, Industrial Water Survey: Manufacturing Industries, 2011” to determine the industrial water demand and cost of water. In this study, industries surveyed for industrial water use in Mandalay industrial zone are six large size factories and three SMEs. Totally nine numbers of factories are surveyed in Mandalay industrial zones. Other four numbers of surveyed factories in this study are under Kyaukse government industrial zone. These four factories are large size industries. Industries are categorized according to standard industrial classification (SIC) code. From the demand side management, price elasticity of water demand for selected industries is evaluated using mid-point formula. The secondary academic sources such as papers, journals and books were studied and adopted to search the possible solutions to challenges of industrial water pricing and they are proposed. As a conclusion, eleven numbers of solutions to challenges of industrial water pricing are proposed from this research.

Reference :

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