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Enhancing The Property Of Brass By Friction Stir Process

Author : D Kumaravel 1 V.K.Bupesh Raja 2 Rangasamudram Anil Kumar Reddy 3

Date of Publication :20th November 2017

Abstract: Friction stir processing is an advanced machining process to improve the property of the component. This is produced by forcibly inserting a non-consumable tool into the workpiece and revolving the tool in a stirring motion as it is pushed laterally through the workpiece. This research is to improve the mechanical property of brass by coating aluminum oxide by friction stir processing. M2 the tool is used at a speed of 710 rpm and feed of 12 mm / min. Material after the process was subjected to tensile test, hardness test, salt spray corrosion test and chemical analysis. Improvement in hardness obtained in the surface composite layer. Besides, the strength of the processed brass material also increased as compared to the normal brass workpiece.

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