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Study on Penetration Resistance Using Soil Cone Penetrometer In Ploughed and Unploughed Land

Author : K. Prasanthkumar 1 B. Hari Prasad 2 A. Jany giles 3 R. Jeeva 4 V.vishnu 5

Date of Publication :20th November 2017

Abstract: The effect of tillage on soil resistance to penetration was determined on Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Kumulur, TNAU, Trichy. Mould board plough is used for ploughing the soil and cone penetrometer is used to know about the penetration resistance of soil. The results showed that penetration resistance of the ploughed land is lower than the unploughed land in all the levels of depth. Increase in depth of field was increased the penetration resistance of ploughed and unploughed land.

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