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Bypass Flow Behavior of Paddy Soil under Alternate Flooding and Drying Cycles in Cracked Clay Soil

Author : Punitha.M 1 Rajendran.R 2

Date of Publication :20th November 2017

Abstract: Bypass flow is rapid downward movement of water and solutes beyond the root zone of the crop along with air-filled of the cracked soils. Paddy field is generally subjected to many cycles of alternative flooding and drying condition (AFD) during rice growing period. This alternate condition cycles can create a large variation in soil structure that subsequently affects soil water and nutrient retention and migration. Bypass flow processes were studied in a cracked, previously puddle rice soil. Vertical continuity of soil cracks 12 mm in width was determined in the field using a morphological staining technique. An infiltration experiment showed that water was mainly absorbed in the subsoil between 0.3 and 0.6 m depth. This study aimed to investigate the soil shrinkage behavior, cracked surface area and its consequences on water percolation in paddy fields under AFD.

Reference :

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