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Report on modification of I.C.Engines

Author : Shivaprasad Reddy. K 1 M. Devaiah 2 N. Satya Guha 3

Date of Publication :20th November 2017

Abstract: Depleting Natural resources and Global warming has become a very huge challenge for mankind and one of the reasons for environmental degradation is emission of harmful gases due to incomplete combustion or over combustion of the fuel. The problem is becoming severe day by day because of increase in the vehicular density. Numerous solutions have been proposed till date to overcome this challenge. In this paper, the effects of engine on nature how it acts under the manipulation of strokes (internal combustion engine convertible from two-stroke to four strokes or vice-versa). With this mechanism air charged from high pressure receiver charges the engine through the electric valve independently of the fuel and enables, due to a great difference in pressures, fast performance of the process eliminating the intake and compression strokes which results in a two-stroke cycle operation. This downsizing leads to a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and correspondingly lowered emissions. Replacing the mechanical exhaust valve with the electric valve enables switching from two-stroke to four-stroke mode of operation and vice versa only by the electronic instruction which is either by manually operated command or by pre-installed electronic device with the valve timing commands similar to E.C.U. Location of the fuel nozzle directly in the compression chamber and its operation independently from the electric air valve enable use of the petrol, diesel, gas and oil. Thereby, Increases the overall performance of the engine.

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