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Characterization of a Diesel Engine Fueled with Neem oil Methyl Ester and Dimethyl Carbonate

Author : Ankita Gupta 1 Abhinav 2

Date of Publication :9th March 2017

Abstract: In the present work Neem oil is used as a hotspot for biodiesel generation by means of base catalyzed transesterification and biodiesel created all the while is joined with an added substance (Dimethyl Carbonate) in shifting volume extents to make a bit of test energizes for engine application. Analyses were run out on a diesel motor under differing loading condition to examine around the performance and emission qualities of the motor fuelled with the present test fuels. The aftereffects of examination show an increment in brake power and brake warm effectiveness with burden for all test powers. It is likewise noted that the brake warm effectiveness picks up with the rate of added substances in the test bombs. The brake particular fuel utilization diminishes with increment in added substance rate in the test bombs. The exhaust gas temperature increments practically directly with burden for all test powers and abatements with an increment in added substance rate in the fuel. Results demonstrate that the CO and HC outflows have a tendency to decrease with the increment in the added substance rate in biodiesel. The smoke and NOx outflows additionally diminish with increment in added substance rate in the biodiesel fuel.

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