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Dry Sliding Wear Characteristics of Hypo-Eutectic Aluminum Alloy Subjected to Grain Refinement

Author : Rajkumar Wagmare 1 Dr.T Anil Kumar 2 Dr. N D Prasanna 3

Date of Publication :30th September 2017

Abstract: --Grain refinement studies on Aluminium, silicon and magnesium alloys have attracted considerable attention in the last five decades. The properties of aluminium alloy castings predominately depend on the grain structure formation that takes place inside the material during solidification process. In the present investigation, a device has been designed and developed, which will induce high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to the molten metal during solidification process inside mould. In this study, frequencies varied were 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 kHz.amplitude of vibration kept constant .From the studies it is seen that the size of the grains has been reduced (from coarse to fine grains) equiaxed grains are seen. Hardness value has also increased considerably (56.6%) by subjecting the metal to grain refinement Wear resistance properties of LM25 alloy in dry sliding conditions has considerably improved. Wear studies in the dry sliding conditions has been carried out in detail. Wear studies has been carried out using standard pin on disc machine for different speeds viz,300,600,900 and 1200rpm.The study indicate that there is a considerable improvement in the wear resistant of the alloy subjected to grain refinement.

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