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Design, Modeling, FEM & Experimental Analysis of Crankshaft and Camshaft of a Passenger Car

Author : Ketan V. Karandikar 1 Shailesh P. Deshpande 2 Sachin N. Patil 3 Sagar A. Deshpande 4 Rajendra D. Ronge 5

Date of Publication :18th October 2017

Abstract: A crankshaft can be called as the heart of any I.C. engine since it is the first recipient of the power generated by the engine. Its main function is to convert the oscillating motion of the connecting rod into rotary motion of the flywheel. The main function of a camshaft is to convert the rotary motion of the crankshaft into vertically reciprocating motion of the valves required to open and close the intake and exhaust valves of engine cylinders, with the assistance of cams located on it and an intermediate mechanism. The crankshaft is subjected to bending stress and torsional shear stress, whereas the camshaft is mainly subjected to compressive stress due to contact pressure, galling and wear and tear. This project aims at designing of I.C. engine multi crankshaft and camshaft using standard design procedures. Further, Creo software is used to create 3-D models of crankshaft and camshaft. After creating the models, the static structural analysis is performed for both of these using different materials and boundary conditions using ANSYS software. A static load testing is performed on the crankshaft and camshaft of a TATA Vista Quadrajet car using UTM and experimental stresses are compared with analytical stresses for validation purpose. Finally, the results of total deformation and equivalent (von-Mises) stresses obtained for different crankshaft materials like ASTM 100-70-03, GS-70, AISI 1045 and Inconel X-750, different camshaft materials like ASTM A532 and ASTM A536 are evaluated and compared with each other to select the best suitable material for manufacturing of crankshaft and camshaft

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