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Recycling, reuse, & economics of treated wastewater in urban India

Author : Swapnil S. Desai 1 2

Date of Publication :7th December 2017

Abstract: Sewerage & sewage treatment is a part of public health and sanitation. Out of total water supplied for domestic use around 70-80% gets generated as wastewater. To meet the severity of water crises, industrial & agriculture water demand, wastewater resource, its collection, treatment & reuse is very important alternative for fresh water. Treated wastewater has play an important role for industrial & Agricultural Water Demand, new urban growth area and has some economical advantages as a source of revenue for ULBs , potential to reduction Fertilizer use as used for irrigation & ground water pumping, has a potential of energy generation, reduces GHC emission & such project may implemented as CDM project. If projected estimates of wastewater generated in 2030 is considered and 80% of it is treated then 17 BCM of treated wastewater resource is available. This 17 BCM treated wastewater resource is equivalent to almost 75% of the projected industrial demand in 2025. Also almost a quarter of the total projected drinking water requirement in the country. For treated wastewater reuse project be successful there is some key design considerations that impact the viability of reuse projects such as tariff, quality & cost of treatment, cost of convenience, disposal of residuals. Present study has demonstrated municipal wastewater treatment, its potential for agricultural & industrial sector, treatment cost and other economics for sewage treatment, reuse & recycle initiative taken in various ULB is India.

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