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Experimental and CFD analysis of Heat Sink with Al-Cu in CPU Cooling

Author : Srinivas. D 1 Dr. S. Ramamurthy 2 Prerana.E 3

Date of Publication :30th November 2017

Abstract: A heat sink device for use with a thermal load of 20W, the temperature of the heat source rises by 100C dissipating heat into the atmosphere. Heat sink performance is measured in 0C / rating of 100C/20W,=0.50C/W. A cooling unit comprising a heat radiating plate and an electric fan device. The heat radiating copper base plate has a thermal conductivity of 400W/mK and comprises a heat receiving portion an Aluminum fin with a thermal conductivity of 205W/mK and a heat exchanging portion,(fan) which are arranged side by side. Tapered solid fin configuration has been considered for testing by experimental and CFD simulation methods. With base of 5mm&tip dimensions varying as 1.5mm,2.00mm,2.5mm.

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