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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Smoke from Automotive Diesel Engine: Study for Associate Health Risk

Author : Dr. Porag Kalita 1 2

Date of Publication :19th December 2017

Abstract: In terms of present engaged, clean of diesel engine emission within India is a challenging task. Progress has been made in North America, Europe and other parts of the world for the health and environmental concerns. In India may take immediate action to set up a diesel engine emission control programme while being mindful that improvements will be available in the future. The crafted programme should take all into consideration and research work engaged in at present that will need to be addresses: Emission Control Regulation for both on-road and off-road diesel engines, and Diesel fuel specification, etc, The rapid growth of population and industry in India, during the last two decades, has been resulted in the need for adequate mass transport facilities for quick movement and material. The diesel engine has always been a preferred prime mover for haulage of heavy loads due to its superior fuel economy and but diesel engine smoke of the air due to various toxic gases and particulate matter has become a problem for the children’s health risk in India. The mechanism of Soot Formation in Diesel Engine, that all soot has a graphite structure with hexagonal basic Carbon units, forming a small crystalline atom. There is a strong suggestion that it is a poly-benzene substance, which can cause lung cancer. The structure of soot is given below H H H C C CH H C C C C C C C C C C C C C H C C CCCH H C CC CCC C CCH H C H H The basic reaction of soot formation is yet unknown but the following theories have been advanced… The reaction forming Carbon Monoxide (2CO-C+CO2) is strongly catalyzed by Carbon. So when soot particles are already present in some form, they build up rapidly and then polymerizes. According to this second theory the hydrocarbons, especially heavy ends decompose into small basic units of C2 and C3 and those small radicals polymerize to form C6 ring polymers. Guwahati is an important city in North East India and now it is the biggest question that is Guwahati going the Delhi way? As the national capital struggle to cope with service levels of toxic air pollution, there is some alarming news for Guwahati. Black smoke levels in the city atmosphere are on the rise and this may have server consequence on the respiratory health of children and elderly as an immediate impact, as per the study.

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