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A Comparison of Basalt Fibre with that of Basalt (Rock) for a Composite Application

Author : R Ranjith Kumar 1 Rajnish R Dubey 2 Bharath Kumar 3 Dr C Anil Kumar 4 Vinod kumar Biradar 5

Date of Publication :30th November 2017

Abstract: In the present days, technological life the components with composite material is growing every year more than 10 % throughout the world. One of the basic reinforcing elements of composite materials is fibres because fibrous materials are widely applied in quality of thermal, sound-proof, strength and so on. Another basic reinforcing elements of composite materials are particulates in the form of flakes or short fibre, these material size and structures vary from Nano to micro depending upon the application. The present investigation is to have a comparison between the Basalt rock properties with that of Basalt fibres for several applications.

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