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Author : Ramya.R 1 Vidya.V 2 Ankita Dey 3 Pooja.P 4 Dr Hari Krishna.S 5

Date of Publication :30th November 2017

Abstract: Biofuel – An alternative source of energy for present and future.In the present scenario, there is a huge demand for various oils and their high prices is an apprehension for the mankind. Since there is an increased awareness of the eco-friendly issue, there is an urgent need to explore the alternative energy sources. Various alternative energy sources like nuclear power, solar, wind, biofuels are well known, where biofuel sounds like one of them in terms of usage and the production process.Biofuel is the process where the energy of organic materials (Renewable biomass) is replaced with a function of fossil fuels. Processes like trans-esterification which converts animal and vegetable oils into usable fuel forms. From different sources, algae produce a large amount of energy. Algae represent the significant group of biological systems, where few of them are known to produce vast quantities of lipids relative to their total biomass. However, it is important to note that the technology has so far not been sufficiently developed to allow these biofuels to be produced commercially. Economics is playing a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition to a Biofuel future.

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