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Wireless Machine Wear Condition Monitoring Using ZigBee Technology

Author : Kushal Kumar 1 Pardeep Singh 2 Sheikh Adnan Gul 3 Adnan Zaib Bhat 4 Pawan Kumar 5 Mohsin Ayaz Wani 6

Date of Publication :1st January 2018

Abstract: Advanced sensor technology has brought the automated real-time condition monitoring system. To decrease the rate of accidental failures, increase productivity, reduce time lags, Condition Monitoring has been increasingly used. It is a predictive maintenance technology and can greatly reduce time and efforts in detecting failures. The wide variety of condition monitoring techniques available make it possible to detect failures way before the machines actually fail. Condition monitoring is very prompt technology and avoids unnecessary and incessant manual checking which becomes quite cumbersome and has greater chances of negligence. In this paper, the emphasis is laid on the use of Condition Monitoring technology to prevent accidents due to failures and to make an advanced inventory preparedness

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