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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Study on strength characteristics of concrete using M-Sand and Coconut Fibers

Author : Dr. Neeraja D 1 Amir Iqbal Wani 2 Zainulabideen Kamili 3 Krishnakant Agarwal 4

Date of Publication :3rd January 2018

Abstract: In the current world, concrete has become a very important part of the construction industry and the materials which are used in making concrete have evolved due to the better quality of cement and the better grade of coarse aggregates. The sand is an important part of the concrete. It is mainly procured from natural sources. Thus the grade of sand is not under our control. The methods of removing sand from river beds are causing various environmental issues and river sand is depleting at a faster rate than it is replaced by natural methods. Hence, various replacements for the river and are being done, one of which is manufactured-sand. It is obtained from various granite quarries. Manufactured-sand or M-sand is slowly replacing the fine aggregate in the concrete as the sand is well graded and gives the higher strength of concrete. There are various fibers used for reinforcing concrete which consist mainly of artificial or steel fibers. Some of these fibers are quite costly and sometimes difficult to obtain. So there are many natural fibers which can be used in place of these fibers, one of which is coconut fiber, extracted from the shell of a coconut. Coconut fibers are used in various industries like rope making, coir mattresses etc. Since these fibers are one of the strongest fibers among naturally occurring fibers, they can be used in the concrete mix to increase the resistance in concrete. They are also lightweight and easily available and thus can be used in reinforcement of concrete. The studies up till now have tested the use of coconut fibers in normal concrete involving river sand but in this study, a particular ratio of M-sand and river sand is used to get the maximum possible strength. Hence, in this project, an attempt was made to use M-sand and coconut fiber in concrete. Based on the test results, it can be concluded that combination of M-sand and coconut fibers gave favorable results in strength criteria.

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