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Investigation on the strength and corrosion resistive properties of fly ash blended quarry dust concrete

Author : Dr.M.Devi 1 Dr.V.Rajkumar 2

Date of Publication :31st December 2017

Abstract: Properly graded quarry sand can be effectively utilized as fine aggregate to meet the intensifying demand of river sand in the construction industry. The use of Portland cement in concrete has significant greenhouse gas implications and this can be reduced by partial replacement of cement with supplementary cementing materials such as fly ash and GGBFS. This study focused on investigating the suitability of quarry dust as a replacing material(100%) for river sand and significance of fly ash as a partial replacement for cement. The objective of this work is to study the strength and corrosion resistive properties of fly ash blended quarry dust concrete. The partial replacement of fly ash was done at the levels of 10% to 50% by weight of cement. The resistance to corrosion was evaluated by means of impressed voltage technique in a saline medium, rapid chloride penetration test (RCPT), weight loss method and Scanning Electron Microscopic (SEM) analysis. The optimum percentage of replacement has arrived from the test results.

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