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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Investigation of moment resistance characteristic of bolted semi-rigid connections: An experimental study

Author : Mahyar Maali 1 Merve Sağıroğlu 2 Mahmut Kılıç 3 Abdulkadir Cüneyt Aydın 4

Date of Publication :31st December 2017

Abstract: Structural steel is commonly used as construction material. Therefore, it is needed to understand the structural behaviour of the connection. This study presents an experimental study on the behaviour of top and seat T connections with different stiffeners and different Dimensions. four full scale semi-rigid steel top and seat T connections were tested. The aim of this study was to analyze the influence of top and seat T connections based on the IPE 140 standard profile, stiffener thickness (t) of connections, and Width (X) of top and seat T connections on the behavior of steel connections, to provide the necessary data for improving Eurocode 3 and enable efficient use of residue IPE standard profiles and back to the consumption cycle.

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