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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Development of a Soil Moisture Detector System for Effective Water Management and Agricultural Productivity Based on Smart Irrigation

Author : A. Selvaperumal 1 K. Ramasamy 2 Chinju Saju 3

Date of Publication :29th November 2017

Abstract: Agricultural sector is playing vital role in Indian economy, in which irrigation mechanism is of key concern. Our paper aims to find the exact field condition and to control the wastage of water in the field and to provide exact controlling of field by using the drip irrigation. It describes an application of soil moisture detector and gypsum block sensor (developed by AEC&RI) for controlled irrigation and real-time monitoring water content of the soil. Soil moisture detector is made up of two electrode probe to pass current through the soil, so we tend to read that resistance to induce the moisture level. Once the soil is dry condition the soil moisture detector measure the resistance and convert into volts. Soil moisture detector and relay actuates the solenoid valve. If solenoid valve open the pump is ON then the flow can happen by the pressure sensor, whereas the soil is the wet condition, the solenoid valve closes. Gypsum soil moisture sensor is the electrical resistance between electrodes embedded in a porous medium (block) is proportional to its water content, which is related to the soil water matric potential of the surrounding soil. Automation of irrigation systems has the potential to provide maximum water productivity by maintaining soil moisture in the field at optimum levels. This automated irrigation system works without wire and wireless technology. Hence the farmers can use the low-cost automated system in the field with the help of soil moisture detector and gypsum block.

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