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Optimization of P-GMAW Welding Parameters using Taguchi Technique

Author : Rudreshi Addamani 1 H V Ravindra 2 Darshan C S 3

Date of Publication :27th April 2017

Abstract: The Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding (P-GMAW) welding parameters are the most important factors affecting the quality, productivity and cost of welding. This paper presents the influence of welding parameters like welding current, Gas flow rate, wire feed rate, etc. on weld strength and percentage of elongation of Medium Carbon Steel material during welding. By using DOE method, the parameters can be optimized and having the best parameters combination for target quality. The analysis of Taguchi technique method can give the significance of the parameters as it gives effect to change of the quality and strength of the product or does not. A plan of experiments based on Taguchi technique has been used to acquire the data. An Orthogonal array of L9 and analysis of variance (ANOVA) are employed to investigate the welding characteristics of Medium Carbon Steel material and optimize the welding parameters. Finally, the conformations tests have been carried out to compare the predicted values with the experimental values confirm its effectiveness in the analysis of weld strength and percentage of elongation.

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