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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Effect of Nano Filler on Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Glass Fibre Reinforced Fibre Metal Laminate

Author : Satnam Singh 1 Surjit Angra 2

Date of Publication :31st January 2018

Abstract: Recent advancements in the field of fibre-metal laminates (FML’s) proved the superiority of fibre metal laminates over monolithic aluminium alloys in aerospace and aircraft structures. In this research flexural strength and Izod impact, energy absorption of stainless steel based fibre metal laminate (SS FML) with and without nano-clay was compared for the different orientations of glass fibre layers. Three point bend test and Izod impact test were performed on the universal testing machine and pendulum type Izod impact testing machine respectively. SS FML sheets were prepared using hand layup process. Standard size flexural and impact test specimens were cut from the prepared sheets according to ASTM standards. It was found that flexural and impact properties of SS FML were improved drastically after the addition of nano-clay into the composite matrix due to the dispersion of nano-clay particles in the composite matrix. The flexural and impact properties of SS FML were decreased as the angle of orientation of fibres was increased from 0° to 90°.

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