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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Experimental Study of Biogas and Bio-Manure Using Thermophilic Digestion of Different Substrates

Author : Rajneesh Kaushal 1 2

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: Experiments have been conducted to determine the augmentation of nutritional values (organic carbon, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous) of bio-manure. The main substrates have been taken as wheat husk; paddy straw; dairy waste; poultry waste; municipal solid waste and kitchen waste. The substrates have been digested under thermophilic conditions (55 °C). The results show an enhancement in nutritional values in bio-manure where poultry waste has been found to be the best amongst the mentioned substrates. The increase in temperature results in lower retention time and thus reduces the loss of nutrients. The experimental results also show that the intermixing of crop residues with animal waste reduces the quality of bio-manure.

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