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Fabrication and Optimization of MEMS based Micro Grinder

Author : TTM.Kannan 1 K.Chandrasekaran 2 R.Ramanathan 3 S.Surya 4

Date of Publication :28th December 2017

Abstract: Microfabrication technologies have been steadily advancing in recent years. Research and development are being vigorously conducted with a view towards the implementation of micromachines. Miniature of components with micro scaled features are increasing required in many industries including biomedical, Consumer electronics, automotive and defence. Mems has been identified as one of the most promising technology for 21 st Century has the potential revolutionize both industrial and consumer products. MEMS is a technology used to create tiny integrated chips that combine mechanical and electrical components. Micro grinding has a competitive edge over microfabrication processes are generally used as finishing process and generated very high surface finish. In this experimental work, fabrication of mems based micro grinding machine for the purpose of producing very high surface finish on micro-components. Dimensions of Micro grinder are 10mm x 2mm x 2mm and provide the speed of 10,000 rpm. Optimize the material removal rate of micro-grinding process parameters are selected by L9 orthogonal array using 3 levels and 2 factors. Main objectives of the MEMS-based micro grinder are saving energy, space, material, time and other resources. The sustainability of miniaturized production is discussed from three perspectives such as Economic, Environment and social.

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