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Design and Fabrication of Hybrid Multipurpose Solar Sprayer

Author : Abdul Nawaz 1 Leston Rihal Dsouza 2 Abishek Kumar 3 Mohammed Tabrez 4 DR.Sudarshan Rao K 5

Date of Publication :19th April 2017

Abstract: Energy demand is one of the major threads for our country. Finding solution to meet the energy demand is great challenge for Scientist, Engineers.Now a day pesticide sprayer is operated based on fuel engine. This operation is economical. In order to overcome this we found the new concept known as “Solar Pesticide Sprayer”. In this pesticide sprayer is operated mainly based on solar energy and hence there is no need of any kind of alternative source. It has many advantages such as cost of spraying and also saving on Fuel/Petrol. There is less vibration as compared to the petrol sprayer. Hence the system can be easily operated there is no need of labors which increases the efficiency of farmers

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