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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design of Small Passenger Aircraft Front Spar Using Strengths of Material and FEM Approach

Author : Mohan N C 1 Bommanna K 2 Sridhar CS 3

Date of Publication :14th November 2017

Abstract: Structural safety with the minimum weight is the requirement in the aircraft design and development process. A small size passenger aircraft wing front spar design is considered in the current study. Spars are the principal structural members of a wing, they correspond to the longerons of the fuselage, they run parallel to the lateral axis of the aircraft from the fuselage toward the tip of the wing. The research work includes a parametric study of the wing front spar by varying the sections and material used for the front spar. This current project outlines the wing front spar considered as a beam with several stations, and the design is carried out for the external Bending Moment at each station. A finite element approach is used to verify the calculated stresses developed at each station for a given bending moment Linear static analysis is used for the stress analysis.

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