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Study of Wear Analysis of a Hybrid Composite of E-Glass, Jute and Granite Filler Material

Author : Priyanka S Umarji 1 Dharshan.G.D 2 Ravikiran 3 Sagar 4 Santhosh Hippargi 5 Mahadev 6

Date of Publication :23rd February 2018

Abstract: Composites are multifunctional material systems which contain characteristics which is not obtainable from any other discrete material. They are made up of cohesive structures made by combining two or more structures in different orientations, compositions and sometimes in various form. The term hybrid composite refers to the materials which consist of more than two constituents which are at nano level. Basically one of these compounds are organic and inorganic in nature. Hybrid composite materials are different from any other composite materials which are at macroscopic level. Granite powder, a waste product generated while sizing granite slabs has been posing problems of disposal. The purpose of this study is to make a meaningful utilization of granite powder as the filler in epoxy matrix. In the present work an attempt has been made to develop a hybrid composite material using Jute and E-glass fiber with Epoxy and granite as filler material using the Hand-Layup technique. The composites have been fabricated by varying the granite-epoxy ratio on weight percentage basis. Mechanical property such as wear factor was studied by preparing the specimen according to ASTM D 695 standards. A comparative study of results for three different weight percentage of filler material is obtained and it was found that ply’s with 5% granite powder has the minimum wear factor compared to other weight ratios and with 15% granite powder has the maximum wear factor compared to other weight ratios.

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