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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Buckling Analysis of Non-Prismatic Column

Author : Adesh Singh 1 M. D. Goel 2

Date of Publication :17th January 2018

Abstract: The constraints on the construction of various irregular shape are reduced remarkably with the advancement in manufacturing processes. The precise variation in the shape of the structure, in the form of any mathematical function, along the length is possible and can be achieved with help of three-dimensional printing technique. If 3-D printing technique is implemented to produce structural member, higher specific strength and stiffness can be achieved, with the same volume of material, by varying material distribution along the length of the member. In view of this, an attempt is made herein to investigate the critical load of a solid column due to the variation of shape in terms of a mathematical function. The present investigation is limited to the computation and comparison of critical buckling load of the solid clamped-pinned column with a linear, trigonometric and exponential variation of shape along the length by employing commercially available FE package ABAQUS®. Detailed FE analysis is carried out and results are compared and discussed for assumed variation

Reference :

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