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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Literature Review – Behaviour of Cold Formed Z Purlins with Sag Rods in PEBs

Author : Kanchan S Takale 1 Dr. Ramesh V Meghrajani 2

Date of Publication :16th January 2018

Abstract: Cold formed steel is widely used in Pre-engineered buildings. It has gained popularity for its unique features of lightweight, better and standard connections, faster execution, etc. However, larger variations in the moment of inertias with respect to X and Y axis have led to distortional buckling in the members. Cold formed purlins have depths 100 times to that of its thicknesses. This has promoted lateral torsional buckling in the member for the unbraced length of the purlins. Use of sag rods is a widely adopted technique to curb the lateral torsional buckling in the member. This paper discusses a detailed review of the literature on deformations in cold formed Zed profiles, their comparisons and conclusions. The data generated through the literature survey will help to generate better and well-defined configurations of Z purlins and stable models for analysis.

Reference :

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