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A review on Application of Coconut Shell in Concrete

Author : Snehal I. Randive 1 Shilpa V. Patil 2

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: The rising cost of material is a matter of concern in this developing construction environment. The reason for the increase in cost is high demand and less availability of materials. The research on alternative materials which can reduce the cost of construction and on the other hand increases the strength and durability of structures is on demand, with regard to this the research on waste material such as fly ash, rice husk, slag and sludge is going on. Coconut shell is an agricultural waste which is abundant to the environment and also raises the risk to health as well as environment. From the previous research, it has been found that coconut shell ash (CSA) can increase the strength of concrete and coconut shells can be used as a replacement to the aggregate in concrete. Silica is important oxide present in coconut shell ash that can help in increasing strength of the concrete. Therefore the research in the extraction of silica from CSA as well as the use of coconut shell either in the form of reduced size or the burnt ash is going on. The present paper provides a review of the application of coconut shell in the concrete along with details of experimental work done by various researchers for investigation of the use of coconut in the construction industry. The paper describes the use of coconut shell as partial replacement to the coarse aggregate as well as use of CSA for partial replacement of cement and use of silica extracted from CSA as an admixture along with their effects on properties of concrete

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