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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Effect of FCAW & SAW Welding Process on the Tensile, Impact and All Weld Properties of Multipass Butt Welded Joints of High Carbon Steel

Author : Navdeep Singh 1 Jagtar Singh 2

Date of Publication :21st February 2018

Abstract: Flux cored arc welding and submerged arc welding are widely known as high quality, high deposition rate processes, commonly used to join the plates of higher thickness in pressure vessel components. These processes provide a pure and cleaner, high volume weldment that has a relatively high material deposition than other traditional welding methods. In this research work high carbon steel plate SA 516 Gr. 70 was used to evaluate the best welding process for heavy thickness and good impact & tensile properties of HAZ and weld metal. Two test coupons were welded with FCAW and SAW welding separately. After welding the coupons were subjected to radiography testing and destructive testing such as tensile and impact test. There was significant difference found between the results and it was concluded that SAW welding is the best method which enhance the tensile and impact properties of butt weld joints of high carbon steel

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