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Technical Paper on Stress Analysis for Bridge Piers and Efforts /Necessity to Develop Standard Method for Analysis.

Author : Amarendra Jaltare 1 Dr.S.R.Choudhari 2 Dr.D.P.Singh 3

Date of Publication :17th January 2018

Abstract: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched SETU BHARATAM on 4th March 2016 at a budget of Rs. 102 billion (US$1.6 billion) with an aim to make all National Highways free of Railway crossing by 2019. Under this project, as many as 208 ROB/RUB would be constructed at unmanned Railway Crossings. The National Highway Authority of India has undertaken a massive National Highway Road Development programme across the country to develop world-class road network. A large number of new bridges are being constructed as per the Scope of Work (4lane/6lane configuration). The Bridge Designers adopts various methods / soft wares for the design of Bridges & analysis of stresses in concrete & reinforcement. But in absence of any standard method for the stress verification, which develops in Pier body under the influence of subjected loads and moments, the size of Pier substructure becomes the matter of dispute, leads to the adoption of larger size Pier at times, resulting in over expenditure. This paper deals with the methods adopted by Bridge designers for verification of Stresses in Pier body. The aim of this paper is to develop Standard method for Stress Analysis so as to have optimum utilization of the resources and maintaining the traffic worthy condition of the bridge structure up to the expected designed life

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