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Travel Time and Congestion Analysis under Heterogeneous Traffic Condition

Author : S.R. Ram Prasanna 1 S. Jagan 2 A.Chithambar Ganesh 3 Dr. S. Basil Gnanappa 4

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: Now a day’s vehicle population growth keeps on increasing, due to this there is more congestion among the traffic. The sudden development of economic status of people urges them to buy more vehicles, beyond their demand and this leads to congestion. This congestion causes time delay during their travel. In this study, the main objective is to reduce the congestion and travel time among the intersection using the modern simulation software technology (VISSIM 7). The traffic data among the intersection are observed manually, then the readings are given as the input for the VISSIM software and it is simulated. The simulation results were analyzed to give the perfect solution and then the solution is again simulated in that VISSIM software to know the consequence of the solution. By using this software we can able to give a solution that effectively reduces the congestion and travel time. In this project, the study area taken under consideration was Periyar Bus Stand in Madurai. The study area is a four-arm intersection with a high number of vehicular traffic.

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