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Application of AE Based Mathematical Procedure for Identification of Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Element

Author : Nayantara Prakash Ghodake 1 2

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: Corrosion is a major cause of degradation of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Corrosion of steel rebar in concrete is an electrochemical process and it has been widely studied using various non-destructive techniques such as Half-cell potential, linear polarization resistance, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy etc. All these techniques cannot be called truly non-destructive technique as the instruments require physical and electrical contact with steel embedded in concrete. To overcome this difficulty, the research for finding the applicability of other non-destructive techniques such as ultrasonic pulse velocity, acoustic emission (AE) technique etc. for quantification of corrosion is going on. From the literature, it is found that AE technique is a powerful technique for identification as well as quantification of corrosion without having any physical or electrical contact with the reinforced steel. For corrosion quantification AE based mathematical model has been developed which can quantify the corrosion in small-scale cylindrical RC specimens. Thus for commercial use of the developed mathematical model, it is necessary to check its applicability for the changed geometry of specimens. The present paper focuses on checking the applicability of developed mathematical model for a rectangular geometry of specimens. For the experimental work, RC slabs of dimensions 500 mm x 300 mm x 60 mm with single reinforcing steel bar were cast and subjected to accelerated corrosion. From the experimental results, it was found that the predicted mass loss values of corroded rebar using developed mathematical model are in agreement with that of the actual mass loss which indicated that AE based mathematical model can be successfully used for rectangular specimens

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