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A Review Paper on Investigation into the Effect of Pounding on High Rise Structure

Author : Bhagyashri Thele 1 Dr.Valsson Varghese 2

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: It has been widely seen that when an earthquake occurs it causes large and intense shaking of the ground. So the building or the structure of any shape, size or of any height will experience the motion at its base. The level of damage caused by an earthquake on a structure depends on the intensity of release of strain energy and the duration of shaking. The amplitudes are largest with respect to the large earthquake and the duration of shaking generally increases with the size of an earthquake. When two adjacent building vibrates out of phase the collision occurs due to the insufficient separation or gap this phenomenon is known as pounding of the building. This paper includes the study of pounding between adjacent buildings with same or different properties. Lump mass system is considered using MDOF system. In this time history analysis is carried out using past earthquake of Imperial Valley

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