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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Flexural Strength Evaluation of Composite Deck System Analytically Base on International Standard and Parametric Variation

Author : Subhash Chakor 1 2

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: The work presented in this paper is concerned with the evaluation of the flexural strength of composite deck system analytically base on international standard and parametric variation. The research work includes a study on core base analysis of metal deck composite slab for flexural capacity and limiting geometrical and material parameters under full bond. Estimation and comparison of flexural resistance as per European, British and American Code of practice using developed MS excel tool. Study on parametric variation such as different materials, profile sheet thickness and slab thickness. Analytical approaches considering the bond properties from no bond to full bond cases. This study gives the guidelines to the users in India, for the flexural capacity of the composite deck as per Indian scenario. The guidelines will be useful for users in India, in absence of Indian code of practice for a composite deck design. The developed MS Excel programs will be useful for the design of deck slab.

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