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Impact of revised Earthquake code on Analysis and Design of RC Building with Soft Storey

Author : Kunal V. Phulphagar 1 R. S. Sonparote 2

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: This paper presents the effect of revisions in IS: 1893(Part 1) and IS 13920 in 2016 on the analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Buildings. In India, it is a common practice to construct residential buildings with the soft storey in order to generate parking space, gardening space, and other utility spaces for various purposes. The revision of IS: 1893(Part1) and IS: 13920 in 2016 requires some changes in the analysis and design of such buildings. The effect of these revisions on the analysis and design of RC Buildings has been illustrated in the paper with the help of Police Housing Building in Maharashtra. Effect of RC Structural wall plan density (SPD), modeling of unreinforced masonry infill walls etc., have been studied in the paper

Reference :

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