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Embankment Analysis and Design by Using Soil and Flyash Composite

Author : Dhanshree A. Bhoskar 1 Rashmi Gadpande 2

Date of Publication :25th January 2018

Abstract: Fly ash a fine powder thrown out in large quantities from thermal power plants as a waste material, we have used this material in our project. Since its the cheapest material available at Satpura Thermal Power Station, Sarni. The problems associated with fly ash are the large area of land required for disposal and toxicity. Fly ash, being treated as waste and a source of air and water pollution till recent past, is, in fact, a resource material and also proven its worth over a period of time. Fly ash is having the potential for gainful utilization till is put to right use. It has now emerged not only as a resource material but also as an environment savior. Fly ash is also being used in the cement production and precast products as a fill material etc. Ministry of environment and forest had made compulsory to use fly ash for any construction project within 100 km of the power plant. Slope stability is the potential of soil covered slopes to withstand and undergo movement. We followed the analysis to make embankment stable enough to resist against failures and could resist external forces like the earthquake. The composite of soil and fly ash will exhibit the strength as properties of fly ash have proved favorable in the embankment. Fly ash is used as a borrow material to construct fills and embankments. Fly ash has been used in the construction of structural fills and embankments from small fills for road shoulders to large fills for interstate highway embankments. So we proposed slope stability analysis using the composite of soil and fly ash.

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