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Analysis of Dynamic Response of Aqueduct to Seismic Excitations

Author : Kunal Chikane 1 Geetha Chillal 2 Shardul G. Joshi 3 Bilavari Karkare 4

Date of Publication :25th January 2018

Abstract: Aqueduct is a watercourse constructed to convey water over an obstacle, such as natural streams, valley etc. In modern days, the aqueduct is also used for any system of pipe, ditches, canal, tunnels, and bridges which is used as an artificial watercourse. If the structure is constructed in the earthquake-prone area dynamic analysis of structure is necessary. The structure is analyzed by considering pressure effects of fluid, but for special structure simple and yet accurate model for dynamic analysis is needed. To find out fairly accurate results, numerical modeling of water and dynamic analysis is necessary to perform. In this paper, seismic response analysis of a proposed aqueduct in the Pune seismic zone will be performed. Particular effort is devoted to finding a suitable numerical model that can accurately represent the proposed aqueduct design, water-structure interaction, and the effects of bearing properties of the aqueduct on its responses to seismic ground excitation. The result shows that using rigid bearing in the analysis can significantly reduce the aqueduct responses as compared to the bearing pads simulated by elastic link supported aqueduct.

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