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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Analysis of High Rise Buildings with Viscoelastic Dampers

Author : Saurabh V. Tadas 1 S. V. Bakre 2

Date of Publication :25th January 2018

Abstract: Structures constructed now days are high rise R/C structures, which have very less lateral load carrying capacity due to earthquake and wind loads. The reason behind this is structure cannot dissipate earthquake energy by its inherent damping alone, therefore various seismic response control system for structures are developed. In such control systems, the supplementary damping device is incorporated within the structure, these damping devices are active, passive, semi-active or hybrid types. In this paper feasibility of using viscoelastic dampers to reduce the effect of the earthquake on high rise buildings is studied. Viscoelastic dampers dissipate buildings mechanical energy by converting it into heat. Analytical study of 12 storey R/C office building for finding out response reduction due to viscoelastic dampers is carried out. A non-linear time history analysis is carried out for building with viscoelastic dampers and without dampers and responses are compared. Top story displacements, velocity, acceleration and base shear is studied for building with damper and without a damper.

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