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Analysis of Retaining Wall in static condition and Qualitative Study of inclusion of Geofoam in Retaining Structures

Author : Vallabh A Deshpande 1 Jay Chitroda 2 Indraja Bandewar 3 Priyadarshani Rudramoorty 4 Pankaj A Yadav 5

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: The expanded polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam in the geotechnical field is popularly used by engineers because of its low density, high Young's modulus (E) and high compressibility. In the present study, the use of EPS geofoam is in reducing the static earth pressure on the non-yielding retaining wall of height 6 meters, the test was conducted using finite element method in PlAXIS 2D. In this present study, magnitude and distribution of earth pressure on retaining wall with and without geofoam are evaluated. Geofoam densities 0.15 kN/m3 and compressible inclusion thickness (t) were used. With the use of Geofoam, a considerable reduction in pressure was recorded

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