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Study and Analysis of Material Procurement and Supplier Selection for Residential Building Site

Author : Chaitali Isal 1 Dr. Shrikant Charhate 2

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: In civil engineering construction projects, the cost of material can vary from 50-60% of the total project cost. It is important to manage productivity, cost and effective material procurement. An essential factor affecting the performance of construction projects are improper material procurement and supplier selection which have a great impact on the quality as well as the profitability of the contractor. The purpose of this study is to find an increase in the cost due to improper material procurement and selection of suppliers. This study also suggests the better methodology for selection of suppliers and material procurement by generating strategies to improve, especially in residential building projects. For faster and proper supplier selection computer program was developed in C++ which will reduce the overall time of the project. The methodology applied was a collection of data in terms of planned and executed quantities for individual activities. The difference in procured material and actually executed materials was calculated to find the extra material procured. It was observed that sudden shortage of material from primary selected suppliers caused immediate call for material from other suppliers which increased the overall cost of the project. Overall increased cost was 13,48,882 for the period of 12 months of study and cost analysis observed 1.5% hike on the total cost of material for this project

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