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Study of Corrosive Soil and Interaction with buried Concrete Structure

Author : Uday S. Joshi 1 2

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: The various corrosive soil elements immunising into the hardened concrete through pores cause premature deterioration of concrete & steel although it is structurally safe. Soils are made up of a large number of geological matter and chemical compounds. They contain salts, acids, alkalis and organic matter. They can be varying in their sizes, from extreme fineness to extreme coarseness. Their structure determines their permeability to moisture, water, air and other oxidants required to favour corrosion. Thus corrosive condition exists in many soils. In the absence of adequate knowledge about the corrosive environment, the structures may have catastrophic failures. Hence proper Chemical analysis needs to be carried out for determining the various corrosive soil.

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